Kluis 2023 Planting Intentions Survey

Before the Quarterly USDA reports are released on March 31st, we would like to conduct our Planting Intentions Survey for 2023. Please complete the survey and give your intended planted acres for 2023, planted acres for 2022, and prevent plant acres from 2022. We value your feedback as it can provide us with insight as to what the USDA results may be.

Click here to take survey

Please fill out the survey and we will send you the results/summary. The deadline to complete the survey is Wednesday, March 15th at noon. We will assemble the data and send out an email with our results and any potential trade recommendations on Monday, March 27th. Thank you for your participation!

Note: The results/summary of this survey and any trade recommendations will only be emailed to those that participate in this survey. We will not disclose your individual data to anyone outside the office. Please do not forward on the results of the survey.