Grain Marketing Solutions: An Overview

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The Kluis Commodity Advisors (KCA) advisory and brokerage team possess deep agricultural backgrounds. We know how to support America’s farmers in developing their grain marketing plans to navigate through volatile markets and manage price risk.

Who benefits from a grain marketing plan?

Farmers who have a written marketing plan based on their cost of production and the use of a seasonal selling plan get the crop sold. The alternative is the hold and hope plan that does not work for farmers.

What is KCA’s key grain marketing advantage?

KCA has rules and discipline. We make incremental sales, we sell into the grain markets as prices rally, and we use both a time and price plan. We use all of the marketing tools including hedges, options, basis contracts, and cash sales.

How long has KCA offered grain marketing solutions to farmers?

Al Kluis has been working with farmers for over 40 years. His team of commodity brokers has over 100 years of experience.

What are grain marketing recommendations?

Grain marketing recommendations are usually a price plan where our customers have resting offers above the market so that in volatile markets, we get the grain sold. We also use time orders so that if the price offer is not hit, we make the sale recommendation on key dates.

What are examples of grain marketing solutions that KCA offers?

We offer our Market Pack subscription and Private Client services. Subscribers receive daily market updates via email and the Kluis NOW app. We also publish a comprehensive Weekend Report. This provides farmers with information, analysis and specific recommendations of when to sell and the percentage of the crop they should sell.

What are some common grain marketing tools that farmers use?

We use a lot of futures hedges, and when appropriate we will recommend specific option strategies.

Where can farmers go for grain marketing education?

We offer the Kluis Grain Trading Academy. We provide education on charting, options, and how to make the right merchandising decisions. This course has in-person and online classes. There are three class levels available, Introductory Grain Marketing, Intermediate Grain Marketing, and Advanced Grain Marketing.

Is hedging a part of grain marketing?

Hedging is an important part of grain merchandising. Farmers have downside risk so a lot of our hedge recommendations are when to hedge – short the market to protect the farm against lower prices.

Does KCA offer a free trial of grain marketing resources for farmers?

We offer a 30 day free trial to our Market Pack subscription for farmers who want to take a test drive of our services.

Can KCA provide an assessment of my current grain marketing plan?

Yes, we are happy to help you fine tune your marketing plan. We have a lot of experience with creating plans. We will work with you to create a marketing profile. We can help you manage expenses and market your grain by taking a slightly different approach, which can lead to greater profits.

Who would I contact at KCA to discuss my grain marketing needs?

We invite you to call our main office number 1-888-345-2855 and one of our commodity brokers will follow up with you.
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Grain Marketing Solutions: An Overview

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