Beta testing of our app has started!

And we’re off to the races! If you signed up to be a beta tester of our ‘Al Now!’ app, then last night I sent you the official invite from Apple to get your hands on the beta version. This requires you to have Apple’s ‘TestFlight’ app on your iPhone first. (TestFlight is like an App Store for beta versions, but invitation-only!) While you are looking through our app and telling us what you think, Apple is reviewing the app to see if we qualify to be in the App Store for everyone.

Beta testers can send us feedback either directly (by phone, email, etc), or by going through TestFlight. There’s a button in the TestFlight app (‘Send Feedback’). Those notes go through Apple before getting to us. That way Apple gets to see what people are saying, like a safety net in case we are doing something that breaks the rules. Hope we’re not!

The Apple review time for full App Store approval is apparently quite variable. Days? Weeks? We’ll see!

Meanwhile, we are gathering our notes for Version 2.0. We’ll start on that in about a week. Get your comments in!