2024 Planted Acreage Survey

It’s time for us to conduct our Planted Acreage Survey! With the conditions this year, it is even more important to gather insight from our growers. We’ve received great participation in the past and are hoping for a record amount of participation in this survey. We value your feedback as it can provide us with insight ahead of the USDA’s big annual June 28 Planted Acreage report.

Click here to take the 2024 survey!

The results and any recommendations will only be sent to those who participate. The deadline to complete the survey is Friday, June 21 at noon. We will send out an email with our results plus any possible strategies during the week before the June 28 report. The survey will just take a couple minutes to fill out. The better the participation the more data we have to look at.

Thank you for your participation!

Note: The results/summary of this survey will only be emailed to those that participate in this survey. We will not disclose your individual data to anyone outside the office. Please do not forward the results of the survey.