What We Do

Our Services

Kluis Commodity Advisors understands that each producer is unique.

Our hedge specialists help clients define their price risk and determine the proper hedge strategy to manage that risk. They will help develop a comprehensive hedge plan for individual operations, and direct the plan throughout the year.

We serve producers and processors through three distinct services: hedging & risk management, commodities brokerage, and alternative investing.

Take Control of Your Grain Marketing

Premium Kluis NOW Research

Kluis NOW is your grain marketing HQ for research and daily insight, via the Kluis NOW blog, email alerts, or text alerts to your mobile device. From daily cash grain updates and weather reports, to commodities trading insight and farm marketing expertise, Kluis NOW provides the daily intelligence you need to take your grain marketing to the next level.

Get Hedge Recommendations & Stay informed

Hedging & Risk Management

Our hedging & risk management services have assisted producers across the United States with hedging 100% of their production, making all costs known up front and eliminating market prediction. KCA provides hedge recommendations and follow-up directives to keep our clients informed of the latest market developments and opportunities.

Connectivity & World Class Execution

Commodities Brokerage

KCA provides connectivity to all major exchanges using state-of-the-art trading platforms and world-class floor execution. Clients also have access to customizable futures and options quotes as well as technical charting capabilities offered by leading market information providers.

Discover Opportunities with Managed Futures

Alternative Investing

Kluis Commodity Advisors offers managed futures through individually managed accounts which are opened in the investor’s name, with money on deposit always under the investor’s control. A CTA is given authority to place trades on the investor’s behalf, and the investor can monitor activity and track performance.