Alternative Investment Guidance

Selecting a CTA Program

Kluis Commodity Advisors can help investors connect with CTAs who align with individual investor needs and requirements, including:

What level of risk are you willing to tolerate for a potential return?


What types of strategies will support your investment goals?

Amount to invest

Develop a portfolio based on the amount to be invested.

Some of the criteria we use to review managed futures strategies include: overall strategy, manager experience, drawdowns, volatility, assets under management (AUM), minimum investment, track record, markets traded, and margin-to-equity ratio.

Kluis Commodity Advisors’ managed futures clients enjoy access to a Managed Futures Portal, where they can view current portfolio activities, balances, access statements, and more.

Professionally-managed futures accounts may be a valuable investment alternative. However, like any investment decision, prudent research and consideration should be made before investing.

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Managed Futures Benefits

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