The Benefits

Why Managed Futures

Managed futures can provide investors with a unique set of benefits including: transparency, diversification, and the potential to profit in any market environment, in a managed account structure held in your name. Kluis Commodity Advisors’ managed futures clients enjoy access to a Managed Futures Portal, where they can view current portfolio activities, balances, access statements, and more.

Key Managed Futures Benefits:


Managed futures strategies are based on exchange-traded futures markets, allowing for real-time access to market prices, reporting and analytics including on the public websites of futures exchanges. Daily statements reflect the market value of your managed accounts allowing you to track and see every trade.


Managed futures are highly flexible financial instruments traded on many regulated financial and commodity markets around the world. By broadly diversifying across global markets, managed futures can simultaneously profit from price changes in stock, bond, currency and money markets, as well as from diverse commodity markets having virtually no correlation to traditional asset classes such as stocks and bonds.

Potential to Profit in a Variety of Market Conditions

Managed futures trading advisors can generate profit in both increasing or decreasing markets due to their ability to go long (buy) futures positions in anticipation of rising markets or go short (sell) futures positions in anticipation of falling markets. This ability, coupled with its virtual non-correlation with most traditional asset classes, has resulted in managed futures funds performing well relative to traditional asset classes during adverse conditions for stocks and bonds.

Managed Account Structure

Unlike a hedge fund, CTA managed futures strategies are set-up in your name and traded on your behalf. This provides you with access to all statements and trading information directly from the clearing firm. Unlike most hedge funds which have a lock-up period, futures accounts allow you to liquidate your account and receive your funds in as little as two business days.

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