Manage Risk and Access Expert Pricing with

Managed Pricing Programs
from Kluis + Indigo

How a Managed Pricing Program fits into your marketing strategy:

Why Kluis Commodity Publishing?

Kluis Commodity Publishing is committed to a consistent, disciplined approach to marketing your grain, using both price and time targets. Our proven track record speaks for itself.

Manage Risk

Let the experts make the futures reference pricing decisions. When you select a Managed Pricing Program from Kluis, your grain is traded by professional grain marketing advisors, giving you one less thing to worry about on your farm.


Get weekly reporting on price and percentage hedged.

Flexible Commitment

Enroll as many or as few bushels as you choose.
Our grain marketers recommend 30% of your production.

(5000 bushel minimum in 5000 bushel increments.)


Weekly updates showing percent sold and sale price.

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Kluis Managed Pricing Program

  • Team will trade out short positions and replace the hedge on the next rally.
  • Higher potential reward and higher potential risk.