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About Managed Futures

Kluis Commodity Advisors offers managed futures through individually managed accounts which are opened in the investor’s name, with money on deposit always under the investor’s control. A professional money manager, known as a Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA) is given authority to place trades on the investor’s behalf, and the investor can monitor activity and track performance.

Managed Futures Defined

Managed futures are unlike traditional stocks and bonds, and can provide alternative investment diversification and risk management opportunities that could potentially benefit a portfolio. CTAs manage client assets on global futures markets in a discretionary trading account where you give the CTA authority to make trading decisions on your behalf through a revocable power of attorney or a third-party trading authorization.

Global Markets Traded

CTAs invest in a wide variety of product types: Commodities such as Corn or Sugar; Metals such as Gold or Copper; Fixed Income products such as US Treasury Bonds or UK Gilts; Equity Indices such as the S&P 500 or Nikkei 225, and Foreign Exchange contracts such as Australian Dollar/US Dollar or Euro/Japanese Yen.

Managed Futures Benefits

Managed futures can provide investors with a unique set of benefits, including transparency, diversification, and the potential to profit in any market environment in a managed account structure held in your name.

Managed Futures FAQ

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Selecting a CTA Program

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