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The challenge faced by every group in the grain industry is managing price risk.

In Hedge Margin Financing a producer places hedges with KCA under a “Hedge Financing” account where Kluis Commodity Advisors (Wedbush) will cover any and all margin. The producer will then be able to roll hedges out to spring or summer delivery. Once the producer determines the location where he or she wants to deliver to, KCA will either swap futures with that elevator or offset the positions and the producer will set the basis.


Grain Marketing Tools and Up-to-Date Market Commentary

Kluis Private Client is for the farmer who wants to move their marketing up to the highest level. Make our team part of your team. We will watch your marketing positions, talk with you on a regular basis to review and refine your marketing plan, and work with you when it is time to pull the trigger on sales and all of your marketing decisions.

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Kluis Commodity Advisors offers flexible plans based on a farmer’s risk tolerance designed to guide their marketing efforts. With a proven track record, the program has allowed farm managers to take the guesswork out of difficult marketing decisions. Thousands of producers with over two decades of results prove our effectiveness.